Keith Haring (1958-1990)

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Theater der Welt - 85
33 x 46.75
INV. #:
Theater der Welt. Frankfurt (Germany) The original graffiti artist, cult figure and pop art hero, Keith Haring (1958-1990) was born in Kutztown, Pennsylvania and attended art school in Pittsburgh, intending at first to become a cartoonist. But after dropping out and moving to New York at the age of 20, the style he eventually adopted more closely resembled "droodles," the idea of 1950s humorist and writer Roger Price, wherein childlike drawings, naive and hip all at once, are used to create visual puns. This poster is not linen backed.

Though popular in the United States, Haring was even better-appreciated in Europe, spending several years in Germany, where huge metal sculptures were commissioned for public parks and plazas.

This poster for a 1985 exhibition of theatrical memorabilia in Frankfurt comes from this period. The thick lines in a primitive style are his specialty; one critic remarked that his works don't look as if they were drawn, painted, engraved or sculpted, but rather carved-like petroglyphs from ancient cave dwellings.