Joseph Pennell (American, 1860-1926)

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Provide the Sinew of War
21 x 20.25
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This artist, commonly referred to as the 'Dean of American Printmakers' no individual artist had as much influence upon the shaping of early twentieth century American art as Joseph Pennell. Original Joseph Pennel with bi-planes and construction urging the general public to buy liberty bonds and support the war. Great condition and purchase comes with certificate of authenticity.
Provide the sinews of war, buy Liberty Bonds / Joseph Pennell del. ; Heywood Strasser & Voigt Litho. Co. N.Y. Imp. Poster showing a shipyard with cranes and a ship covered in rigging.
Sinews of War Money, which buys the sinews, and makes them act vigorously. Men will not fight without wages, and the materials of war must be paid for. Source: Brewer's Dictionary.