Jean-Louis Forain (1852-1931)

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Red Cross is Spending 10 Million
19.5 x 29
INV. #:
The Red Cross is spending Ten Million Dollars a year to help the disabled. Ex-service man and his family. Annual roll call - Nov. 11th - 24th.

Seeing all things with a mother's sixth sense that's blind to jealousy and meanness; helping the little home that's crushed beneath an iron hand by showing mercy in a healthy, human way; rebuilding it, in fact, with stone on stone and bringing warmth to hearts and hearths too long neglected.
She's warming thousands, feeding thousands, healing thousands from her store; the Greatest Mother in the World- the Red Cross.
Original poster issued by RED CROSS during World War 1 to elicit donations. The Red Cross is personified as a beautiful nurse cradling a sick soldier, who is laying in a cot. The soldier has been reduced to the size of an infant in her arms,
This poster has been archival mounted on linen and restored.

Reference: Rawls 124