Jean Picart Le Doux (1902-1982)

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France Paese dei Castelli
24 x 39
INV. #:
France Paese dei Castelli (Italian working; the land of castles)
Original. Printed in France. Published by and for the French Government. Le Doux France poster has the style of A.M. Cassandre travel posters that he created in this image. Held in a highly elegant color scheme this poster was created for advertising trips to France. Designed in 1950 by the multitalented French artist Jean Picart le Doux the main emphasis lies on France’s richness in cultural and architectural history.

This poster was produced for the French Tourist Board, and the Minister of Public Works, Transport and Tourism.

We see a pink colored dove sitting next to an amphora on a balustrade and in the background a magnificent castle and garden unfold. The image matches the advertising slogan “France – land of chateaux” perfectly.