Jean D'Ylen (1866-1938)

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23.5" x 15.5"
INV. #:
MIK remplace de cafe.

Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.

A single smiling gentleman presents himself at three different times of day, "Morning, Midday and Evening". At each time of day he wears the appropriate attire. In the morning he is dressed in a stylish cobalt blue and green abstract square design robe, and red slippers. His hair, since he has just greeted the morning is slightly frazzled. For his midday outfit he wears a cobalt suit, a smart green tie and handkerchief, and spats. For the evening this charming man's hair is slicked back, and he is dressed in a black suit, and a black bow tie. In all three images this sweet fellow holds a cup of tea, showing that MIK brand tea is appropriate whatever time of day. At the bottom, translated it reads "Replace the Coffee".