James Montgomery Flagg (1877 - 1960)

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I Am Telling You
20" x 30"
INV. #:
I Am Telling You, On June 28th I expect you to enlist, James Montgomery Flagg, WW1 original vintage poster.
This I Am Telling You poster shows Uncle Sam with hands on his hips. James Montgomery Flagg must have thought he was in a rut, having to recreate his bearded self portrait for poster after poster. The public never tired of his (Uncle Sam) image. The appearance of the stern looking icon on walls and hoardings across the country never failed to fill the governments coffers. Despite their modest cost, the war stamps promoted on this poster eventually raised over one billion dollars! [excerpted from Heritage auction catalogue #613] This is the most "budget priced" of the WWI James M Flagg "Uncle Sams". However it is becoming increasingly hard to find!
In 1813, the United States gets its nickname, Uncle Sam. The name is linked to Samuel Wilson, a meat packer from Troy, New York, who supplied barrels of beef to the United States Army during the War of 1812. The most famous image of Uncle Sam was created by artist James Montgomery Flagg (1877-1960). In Flagg’s version, Uncle Sam wears a tall top hat and blue jacket and is pointing straight ahead at the viewer. During World War I, this portrait of Sam with the words “I Want You For The U.S. Army” was used as a recruiting poster
This I Am Telling You, J. M. Flagg, WW1 is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition.
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