Henri Cassiers (1858-1944)

Dutch Men ( Elixir de Kempenaar)
24" x 35.25"
INV. #:
( Elixir de Kempenaar) Dutch Men drinking on the dock...This poster has beautiful bright colors and it's in great condition. It was printed on a heavy paper, but has been archivally mounted all the same.
Copyright 1903 by Emil Spielvogel, New York. Editeurs Dietrich & Cie, Bruxelles. Lithography in colors printed by O. de Rycker & Mendel, Bruxelles.
Proof before letters sold as decorative panel. We are told that these three fishermen are sharing a drink of jenever which is a highly potent, almost tasteless Dutch liquor. Presumably fishing has chilled them and the jenever is being used for its medicinal and recuperative powers.

Cassiers created only 45 posters, making them the choice of connaisseurs, museums and collectors around the world.