Haskell Coffin (Oct 21, 1877 - May 12, 1941)

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Joan of Arc Saved France
20 x 30
INV. #:
Joan of Arc Saved France; artist: Haskell Coffin, original WW1 antique vintage poster.

The poster "Joan of Arc," by Haskell Coffin (1878-1941), was commissioned by the United States Treasury Department to urge people to buy war savings stamps. Stamps were low-priced and could be pasted in a booklet that when filled was traded for a war bond. The religious image and the intent of the poster is clear; just as God intervened through Joan to save France centuries before, He would, with America's help, again help His people triumph in France.
This poster has been archivally mounted on linen and restored.
Reference: Rawls 217

The aim of the poster was to appeal to women in the war effort; Joan of Arc was a great symbol of a female who had stepped up during wartime to lead her country to victory. The Treasury Department

This Joan of Arc Saved France is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition. A Certificate of Authenticity comes with all of our posters.

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