Georges Redon (1869- 1943)

Georges Redon - L'HippodromeGeorges Redon - L'HippodromeGeorges Redon - L'HippodromeGeorges Redon - L'Hippodrome
51.5" x 37"
INV. #:
L'Hippodrome Grand Chapionnat du Monde des Luttes Libres
Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.
L'Hippodrome - Grand Chapionnat du Monde des Luttes Libres.
This is a great poster advertising free-style wrestling in France, and was created by the artist Georges Redon. Very rare antique 1890's original poster.

Free style wrestling got its start in Lancanshire, England, and was first known as "catch-as-catch-can" wrestling. In catch-as-catch-can wrestling, both contestants started out standing and then a wrestler sought to hold his opponent's shoulder to the ground (known as a fall). If no fall was scored, both wrestlers continued grappling on the ground, and almost all holds and techniques were allowable. If neither wrestler then achieved a fall, the contestants would continue both standing and on the ground until a fall was made. Because of the widespread interest in and esteem of professional Greco-Roman wrestling and its popularity in many international meets in nineteenth century Europe, freestyle wrestling (and wrestling as an amateur sport in general) had a tough time gaining ground in the USA. The 1896 Olympic Games had only one wrestling bout, a heavyweight Greco-Roman match. Freestyle wrestling first emerged as an Olympic sport in the Saint Louis Olympics of 1904. The 1904 Olympics sanctioned the rules commonly used for catch-as-catch can, but imposed some restrictions on dangerous holds

L'Hippodrome, Grand Chapionnat du Monde des Luttes Libres is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed, and in excellent condition. A Certificate of Authenticity comes with all of our posters.