Georges Desvallieres

Georges Desvallieres - Porteur d'amphore (The Amphora Carrier).Georges Desvallieres - Porteur d'amphore (The Amphora Carrier).
Porteur d'amphore (The Amphora Carrier).
11 x 16
lithograph with gold embossing
INV. #:
Linen backed turn of the century, L'Estampe Moderne fine lithograph of a nude Greek or Roman holding a vase. Georges Desvallieres titled Porteur d'amphore (The Amphora Carrier) Beautiful printing with gold embossed throughout the image and along the edges of this image. Signed along the bottom and a chop mark in the right hand corner. printed by Imprimerie Champenois of Paris. The richly lithographed prints had as blind stamp or embossed device, the imprint of a young woman's profile in the lower right corner.

Size: 11" x 16". Year: 1897.
'Estampe Moderne appeared in 1897-99 as a series of 24 monthly (turn of the century) images, each of 4 original lithographs and and printed by Imprimerie Champenois of Paris, France.