Fritz Buhler (Swiss, 1909-1963)

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Swiss Air to the Meditaranean
40 1/4" x 25"
INV. #:
Swissair to the Mediterranean.
Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.
Excellent condition.

Created on a background of the luscious blue of the Mediterranean Sea one can see ancient ruins of columns, pristine and colorful sail boats, as well as a Swiss Air plane flying overhead. This image invokes all the history, relaxation, and adventure available in the Mediterranean.

In 1931 Swiss Air was formed from a merger between Balair and Ad Astra, and was considered to the pride and national symbol of Switzerland for 71 years because of its financial stability. Swiss air accomplished many firsts including hosting the first air hostess, and having the first all female flight crew, and the privilege of being the world's first airline to produce a full-scale environmental audit in1991. - Swissair. Aero