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Our America Motion Pictures # 2
31.75" x 22"
INV. #:
Our America Motion Pictures # 2
Original. Linen backed. Excellent condition. Lithograph. Linen backed. This is the second poster design for Motion Pictures, in the Our America series. Pictured in eight petit windows, on either side of a grandious ninth window, are processes of which film corporations go through to produce and distribute film. The windows are set upon a creamy light grey, framing each window is a dusky grape border.
Our America Motion Pictures # 2.
Preparing and Presenting Motion Pictures.
1. Photographin 'action' 2. Making technicolor pictures. 3. Drying film. 4. Using an automatic fil printer. 5. Printing up theater advertising. 6. Going to a "Premiere". 7. Shipping films to exhibitors. 8. Receiving films in foreign lands.