Coca Cola

Our America Motion Pictures # 1
31.75" x 22"
INV. #:
Our America. 1. Producing Motion Pictures.

1. Exhibiting a thaumatrope. 2. Preparing a street setting. 3. Using realistic foreign settings. 4. Recording sound effects. 5. Rehearsing actors. 6. Drilling 'extras'. 7. Preparing special costumes. 8. Operating projectors.
Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.

The first in a series of four, for Motion Pictures, showing the benefits of film in the United States of America. Headlined under Our America, eight modest images are placed on either side of a large ninth image. Each image demonstrates the advantages film production gives society, as in the jobs it creates. Every image is bordered with a medium green, set on a mint green background. Making a Western Scene.