Coca Cola

Our America Motion Pictures # 3
31.75" x 22"
INV. #:
Original. Lithograph. Linen backed. Presented by the Coca-Cola Bottling Company. This poster displays the benefits of American Motion Picture making on society as a whole, and is number three in the series of Our America, Motion Pictures. From the leisure, as in entertainment, to the practical, like legal documentation and recording important events, are displayed in this poster. These such benefits are shown in eight small windows along either side of a large ninth window, which are all brought into harmony by the use of green tones, and that the windows are set upon a mint green background. Presenting Facts of History.
Our America Motion Pictures # 3.
Using Motion Pictures for Social Values.
1. Using cartoons for amusement. 2. Reporting an important event. 3. Making biography dramatic. 4. Reporting athletic events. 5. Dramatizing a famous book. 6. Showing places of natural beauty. Y. Using motion pictures in legal cases. 8. Making pictures true to facts.