C .C. Beall (1892-1967)

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Keep 'em Flying
20 x 28.25
INV. #:
Very rare, Original linen backed, excellent condition, World War Two: Keep 'em Flying!, the 1941 U.S. World War II (WWII) Home Front poster ("Keep 'em flying-Airplanes-flags-Machines-production-Nothing lags. Put you shoulder To the wheel; Courage staunch With nerves of steel. Greet each day, Or pledge a toast-"Keep 'em flying" is our boast. Here's a slogan For us all-An answer to Our country's call. Keep 'em flying; Keep 'em clear. The time is ripe, The time is HERE To pull together-One bold front-Each one prepared To do his stunt. Workers and The men who hire-Housewives-children-All aspire To help and work With little pause-One mind, one heart, One goal, one cause. So-'KEEP 'EM FLYING!' - Jack Childs"; "Presented by the United States Army Recruiting Service") featuring collage art of soldiers and other personnel overlaid with an image of Uncle Sam by Cecil Calvert Beall. Incredible design with the military, red cross nurse, American Flag, chemist, pilots, farmer, steel worker, and Navy guns creating the face of Uncle Sam in this image.