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Ghost of Zorro
40" x 27 1/2'
INV. #:
Original. Mounted on acid free archival linen.
Movie poster for the film "Ghost of Zorro", starring Clayton Moore as Ken Mason/Zorro, Pamela Blake as Rita White, Roy Barcroft as Hank Kilgore, George J. Lewis as Moccasin, and Eugene Roth as George Crane. The plot outline is that the Pioneer Telegraph Company continues opening its communications westward. Financier Mr. White and his daughter come to see the progress and to asses the new engineer (Moore). Both Mr. White and Rita White (Blake) believe that Moore cannot handle the wild west, and especially George Crane (Eugene), who is in charge of the land, and for a price anyone can do anything he/she wishes. Throughout the film Moore comes to the company’s and people’s rescue disguised in the Zorro costume that once belonged to his grandfather.

This poster is a great find for any Zorro fan, containing all the elements that make a Zorro movie so exciting. Pictured are Indians, the damsel in distress, the crooks, and of course a large image of Zorro himself- but this time with a gun!

* Note: This is an Original Movie Poster Print, not a reprint or reproduction of any kind! Original Posters are printed in limited quantities, most are intended for display in theaters, hold their value longer and are considered collectors' items. Archival linen backing means that the original poster will last longer and is preferred method for framing original film posters.