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Roaring Rangers - Durango Kid
26 x 39
INV. #:
Original linen backed 1945 Roaring Rangers movie poster with the Durango Kid. NSS 45/355
Columbia Pictures presents Charles Starrett as the Durango Kid. Smiley burnette as The West's No. 1 comic. Merle Travis and His Bronco Busters. Origiinal screenplay by Barry Shipman.

When Sheriff Jeff Connor of Powder River cannot stop the crime wave, his young son, Larry, writes to the Durango Kid for aid. Taggart, the saloon owner, is the secret head of the outlaws, while Connor's brother Bill is in cahoots with him. Steve Randall, the Durango Kid, and his pal, Smiley Butterbean, arrive in time to stop a stagecoach holdup, and Steve is made a deputy sheriff. Taggart has one of his men, Slade, pose as the Durango Kid and while he is speaking to the townspeople, the rest of the outlaw gang pillages the town, and this somewhat damages the Durango Kid in the eyes of Larry and his sister Doris. Steve suggests that Sheriff Connor visit the government about a railroad project, and Taggart instructs Slade and the gang leader to kill Connor on his trip back.