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Line Up, Boys! - Enlist Today!
18 x 26"
INV. #:
Published by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, London. Original archivally linen backed poster Line Up, Boys!; Enlist to-day.
This is a British poster which features a small troop of soldiers wearing what appears to be the uniform of the 10th Scottish Battalion; The King's Regiment. The Scottish battalions were well known for comradery and patriotism. This poster no doubt used this image to promote the same, and also to encourage Scotsmen in England to enlist in their respective territorial regiments. A great poster from Britain, British posters are always desirable and one in this condition with the unique uniforms of the 10th Scottish Battalion is a rare find indeed! A must have for any collector!
At the outbreak of the First World War Britain needed to build a land army powerful and large enough to overcome enemy forces. Before forced conscription was introduced, the government relied on persuasive propaganda posters to boost voluntary conscription. Attributed to W H Caffyn (1870-1958)