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Jennie O'Brien Famous Equestrienne
35.5" x 17"
INV. #:
Original. Mounted on acid free archial linen.
King Bros. Circus with Jennie O'Brien: Greatest Bareback Rider of all Time!.
Horizinal format.

Very early 1930's circus poster that has been linen backed and has kept its lovely vibrant colors. Great condition.
Floyd and Howard King left their other circus jobs and opened their two car show in 1919 as the Sanger Circus. Over the next 40 years they operated shows under the names of Harris Bros. Circus, Walter L. Main Circus, Gentry Bros. Circus, and the Cole Bros. Circus.
n 1946 Floyd King established the King Bros. Circus and operated it until 1956. The it began again in 1959-1978.