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Cognac Otard
40.5" x 61"
INV. #:
Cognac Otard; antique French stone lithograph; c. 1922; size 40.5" x 61". Acid free archival linen backed in very good condition; ready to frame. Printer is Champenois, Paris (France).

The gentleman in the Pierrot costume seems reluctant to ply the rosy-clad damsel with liquor--but she just won't take no for an answer. But seriously, how long can someone hold out against a comely plea such as "Oh, how Otard is the best!" Beyond the cloistered spot where this delightful moment takes place, you can see the purple evening sky and the massive medieval chateau where Baron Otard installed himself and his business in 1795. [Rennert, PAI-XVIII, 137]

The origins of Cognac Otard can be traced back to the Vikings in 849 A.D. The marvelous chateau, depicted in the background, was purchased by Jean Baptiste Antoine Otard in 1796, and became the new home to his cognac trading firm, founded the year prior. At that time, the cognac was aged in the chateau's humid cellars for a minimum of two years. As the bottom text indicates, Otard is the best; for, Pierrot has finally managed to woo the ever-distant Columbine with the beverage's powers.

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