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Camel Cigarettes
21 x 11"
INV. #:
Original horizontal Camel cigarette 'candy girl'. Dressed in a matching red dress with red neck ribbon, this original 1953 promotes Camel cigarettes. Excellent condition.
Cigarette girl refers to a person that sells or provides cigarettes from a tray held by a neck strap. They may also carry cigars, and many novelty items like lighted roses, lighted jewelry, and lighted yoyo's on their trays. The most common uniform is a red and black old saloon style above the knee dress but you will find many in different colors and styles. Another title for a cigarette girl is candy girl. Cigarette girls were a common sight in clubs, bars, airports and casinos during the 1930s and 1940s in the United States, although there are still some casinos and other night club establishments that use cigarette girls today, especially in Las Vegas, NV