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13.75" x 21.5"
INV. #:
Original. Cartone. Neerlandia Peperkoek Fabriek. Signed with a monogram "F"

Lovely small advertisement ideal for placement in a kitchen or dining area.
Written in both French and Dutch, this advertisement translates to, "Neerrlandia, In the Peppercake Fashion", which is how the bread is baked and prepared and also, "The Bee Queen", which is the symbol for this Neerlandian bread company.

Neerlandia is a small Dutch community in the County of Barrhead, Alberta, Canada. Neerlandia was founded by Dutch immigrants in the early 1900s. The name literally is taken from the Dutch for low country.

A dutch woman, in traditional clothing, offers the viewer some Neerlandia bread. Behind her are duel towers of what appears to be equal size, but are infact an optical illusion. To the woman's left is a wind mill, which helps grind her wheat, and also has birds flying around it. On her right is a beehive, which helps sweeten her bread, and bees fly around the hive. Beneath the two towers are a meadly of fruit and wheat. This is a very pretty image, with a beautiful art deco influence.