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Villa Rides!
27 x 41 inches
INV. #:
VILLA RIDES 1sh '68 art of Yul Brynner as Pancho & Robert Mitchum, Sam Peckinpah.
Villa Rides, the 1968 Sam Peckinpah fictionalized biography of famed Mexican rebel Pancho Villa ("Villa rages! Villa lusts! Villa kills!"; "Swarming, storming, plundering over seething Mexico... The Villistas ride to revenge... Taking the gringo gunrunner with them into one of the hotter hells...."; "Revenge roars across seething Mexico as the Villistas return blow for blow, murder for murder... And a gringo gunrunner gets swept up in the blaze!"; "Screenplay by Robert Towne and Sam Peckinpah"; "Based on the novel 'Pancho Villa' by William Douglas Lansford") starring Yul Brynner (in the title role as Pancho Villa), Robert Mitchum, Grazia Buccella, Herbert Lom, Robert Viharo, and Charles Bronson ("as Fierro"