Robert McGinnis (1926 -)

"Cotton Comes to Harlem"
30 x 40" printer's proof
INV. #:
Original 30 x 40" printer's proof for Cotton Comes to Harlem.
Cotton Comes to Harlem is a 1970 Blaxploitation film co-written and directed by Ossie Davis and starring Godfrey Cambridge, Raymond St. Jacques, and Redd Foxx: it is based on Chester Himes' novel of the same name. The opening theme, "Ain't Now But It's Gonna Be" was written by Ossie Davis and performed by Melba Moore.
Godfrey Cambridge as Gravedigger Jones
Raymond St. Jacques as Coffin Ed Johnson
Calvin Lockhart as Reverend Deke O'Malley
Judy Pace as Iris
Redd Foxx as Uncle Bud / Booker Washington Sims
Emily Yancy as Mabel
John Anderson as Bryce
Lou Jacobi as Goodman
Eugene Roche as Anderson
J.D. Cannon as Calhoun
Mabel Robinson as Billie
Dick Sabol as Jarema
Cleavon Little as Lo Boy
Theodore Wilson as Barry
NSS: 70/182