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The Reivers
27 x 41"
INV. #:
Gold background. Original; linen backed. NSS: 70/7. Steve McQueen. REIVERS style B 1sh '70 close up of rascally Steve McQueen, from William Faulkner's novel!.

Film Description: The Reivers, the 1970 Mark Rydell melodrama ("'The Reivers,' William Faulkner's Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novel, is now a film!"; "A Reiver is a rascal. Steve McQueen is the head Reiver"; "Based on the novel 'The Reivers' by William Faulkner") starring Steve McQueen ("plays Boon in 'The Rieivers'"), Sharon Farrell, Will Geer (best remembered as "Grandpa" on TV's "The Waltons"), Michael Constantine, Rupert Crosse (in his nominated for Best Supporting Actor Academy Award role), Mitch Vogel, Ruth White, and Juano Hernandez (famed Puerto Rican black actor, who many consider to have helped pave the way for black African-American actors to gain acceptance in mainstream Hollywood movies)