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Pulitura Pavimenti
39 x 55 inch (Italian)
INV. #:
Pulitura Pavimenti, Italian stone lithograph; size: 39" x 55"; archival linen backed in excellent condition; ready to frame.

Original Italian Pulitura Pavimenti Vetri - Ambient poster. Features 4 men who look almost like idential twins with large push brooms. Bright yellow backgorund with red letting set off the black work clothes. A very fun and rare mint condition original. Linen backed.
Lavori, Riordimo, Abbonamenti, Milano

This antique Italian poster indicates that this clean group of men will clean your floors; windows; and rooms. Like your house cleaning crew they can be requested to do a 1 time or return on your schedule for regular cleaning. Impressive Experience.

This Italian Pulitura Pavimenti is an Original Vintage Poster; it is not a reproduction. This poster is conservation mounted, linen backed to preserve and protect the poster, and in excellent condition.
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