Alain Gauthier (1939 -)

TAI Transport Aeriens InterContinentaux
24.5 x 39
INV. #:
Archival linen backed Original TAI - Transports Aeriens Intercontinentaux airline poster. This fun image features a girl holding a flower; while the earth represents her head… see the smile and eyes on top; and pigtails off the sides of the globe.
Linen backed lithograph in great condition. What a great way to make the world your home!.
The Transport Aeriens Intercontinentaux company began as a charter airline in June 1946 in association with the Messageries Maritime Shipping Company. In 1947 TAI flews to Africa, the main destination was Madagascar. In the fifties the TAI fleet was composed of Douglas DC-3s, DC-4s and DC-6s to the far East as shown on this poster, in 1956 to Australia and New Caledonia. In October 1963 TAI merged with UAT