Adolphe Jean Marie Cassandre (1901 - 1968)

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Philips Television
16" x 12"
INV. #:
Philips Television. Artist: A. M. Cassandre. Size: 12" x 17". Year: 1950. Archival linen backed; excellent condition.

Original and Excellent condition. Let Philips mesmerize you with Rays! This gent seems quite mesmerized himself! Very rare piece.
It is a very intriguing first impression of television-Philips didn't even start producing sets until 1950. It is doubtful that this poster was ever printed as a larger full size.

An unusual, rare design by Cassandre used as a window card or point-of-purchase display by Phillips, the Dutch electronics firm. It is a very intriguing first impression of televises, which Phillips began producing the year prior.