Adolf Treidler (1886-1982)

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The Ships are Coming
17.25 x 24
INV. #:
This image was also used for the "Shoot ships to Germany" with a different text on it.
You can help send this good news to our boys "over There" by giving your employer a full day's work every day.
You are doing Government War Work. The product made here is urgently need for American ships.
By jumping from place to place you are hindering their rapid completion.
Stick to your job
The boys in the trenches are fighting for you.
Help them to victory by working faithfully for them. Let all be
On the Job for Victory.
United States shipping board Emergency Feleet Corporation.
Printed by the United States Shipping Board, Emergency Fleet Corporation. The war at sea was very vital during WWI, and the speed and quality at which our ships were produced were key to the success of the Navy, and the Armed services as a whole. America and Britains naval power is evident from the statistics which show that throughout the entire war, Britain and America combined lost 181 ships of varying size and power to the Germans and Austrians who lost over 350. Posters like this helped to ensure the superior quality and functionality of the U.S. Navy!