Albert Solon

Foire de Paris
10.5" x 16 5/8"
INV. #:
Foire de Paris; original lithograph; artist: Albert Solon. Year: 1954. Acid free archival linen backed Size 10.5" x 16 5/8". Excellent condition.

The top of this antique poster features the image of the first poster from 1904 in the art nouveau style; and the bottom the 1954 Foire de Paris where the sails cover part of the earliest poster image. The bottom portion of this design is reflected in its art deco style with the wording of the name of the Foire de Paris reflecting in the water.

Original. Linen backed. The annual Paris Fair was a large international industrial exhibition which attracted not only manufacturers from around the world, but also posterists who vied for the honor of having their design selected as the official poster of the event. For 1954, this poster artist is nostalgic for the turn of the century. He is reminding us that it is the 50th anniversary of the Paris Fair. The vintage poster is archivally linen mounted, and it is in excellent condition; ready to frame. By D'apre A. Solon.

Another design for the 1954 Foire de Paris was created by Jean Carlu.

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