Vintage Poster Linen Backing and Restoration

Linen Backing is an archival acid-free linen backing used to protect and preserve original posters.   We highly recommended this method for almost all old posters.    American posters printed after World War 1 are normally printed on a wood pulp paper that deteriorates.  The acid-free backing is a combination of the original vintage poster mounted onto two acid-free products.

1.) First:  acid-free paper

2.)  Second:  linen or cotton backing.

A  ph neutral museum reversible wheat-based glue is used for this purpose.    Next, we clean and then gently mount the poster to the linen and acid-free paper.  We are using museum reversible wheat-based glue.   Your vintage posters fold marks and creases are smoothed to lie flat.


Restoration is the repair of a vintage poster.   Repair is done for your poster after it is linen backed.   Repairing a damaged antique poster can be difficult. The poster may have to parts recreated during the repair process.    Movie poster original theatrical fold marks are touched up..   Poster restoration is done to bring life back to your valuable vintage poster.

The Vintage Poster only works with poster linen backing and restoration.   We do not do other types of artwork restoration.

Laguna Beach, California, Orange County, California, the great Los Angles area, and San Diego bring in your old posters for an estimate.   You will be proud to display your artwork that will look great!

You may contact us for your linen backing and poster restoration requirements.  We service all areas of the United States.



Vintage Posters – Valuable Art – Appreciating Art Values.


Rare original  1902, Leonetto Cappiello,  turn of the century antique French Champagne stone lithograph.

Authentic original vintage posters are appreciating art assets; owning valuable art.   Famous artists such as Leonetto Cappiello; the world master of modern advertising created original masterful poster art.   His work, such as this famous Champagne poster,  is sought by collectors around the world for the stunning and colorful designs.   The old stone lithograph vintage posters that have survived are an appreciating asset that increase in valuable and more become expensive over time.   Original Champagne posters, such as this one are highly collectible and rare.

Appreciating Art Value

Original antique posters by famous artist are known to appreciate over time.   These original antique French stone lithograph vintage posters are not created any more and many were done by the world’s most famous artist as a new form of art:  The Poster.    Cappiello’s artwork is loved by most everyone making his designs some of the most popular.   Even if you do not know this artist by name; you definitely know his famous artwork.    If you like or love his work it means there are thousands of other collectors who love it too!


Notable Artist and value for money.

Original antique posters by famous artists are an easy way to have fabulous artwork in your home still at affordable prices.   Some of these artist such as pop artist Andy Warhol could make you wealthy if you have purchased his artwork only a few years ago.    Beautiful antique posters always have collectors searching to add them to their collection and this demand maintains and increases their value over time.    When you purchase an original antique poster you love, it usually means that thousands of others love it.   Most important is to select the vintage poster that you love.   It will live comfortably in your home for a lifetime.


The Vintage Poster: Best Antique Vintage Poster Shop and Custom Framing Gallery

Welcome to The Vintage Poster:  The West Coast’s largest antique vintage poster shop and custom art framing gallery.

The Vintage Poster Shop and Gallery resides in ‘Laguna South Beach’ in the original 1942 Art Center Courtyard.   We are open Tuesday – Sunday to the public.    The Vintage Poster Poster Shop is the largest certified antique vintage poster gallery open to the public on the West Coast.

The Vintage Poster website:

will provide you a huge insight into the treasure of antique and vintage posters that awaits your visit.    Antique advertising posters that are the start of color printing by the method known as stone lithography.    This antique poster shop will show you the change from black and white to Jules Cheret early form of color printing.   These original vintage posters would be your introduction to color printed art prior to the discovery of electricity, the invention of the radio and later on the fabulous black and white television!   The Vintage Poster Shop and Gallery features early advertisements for European liquor, travel, bicycles, automobiles, oil, tires, opera; music, rock and roll, military war, and then your movie posters.   A great selection of every group is available to you here in this poster shop and searchable on the gallery website!

Antique Vintage Poster and the artists:

The old antique posters were created by very talented and mostly famous artists.   Only the most talented artists were used to create the (antique) posters; printed one color at a time.    This printing process could take several weeks to a couple of months to print 1 run of a stone lithographed poster.   The earliest antique posters printed were known as ‘hand pulled stone lithographs’ prior to the invention of the electric motor.   Many of the great artists were drawn to this new form of printing color printing.    Jules Cheret, the father of the poster; Leonetto Cappiello, the master of modern advertising, Alphonse Mucha, the father of Art Nouveau, Adolphe Jean Marie Cassandre, master of art deco, Roger Broders, master of travel posters, Bob Peak, master of the modern movie poster, James Montgomery Flagg as the image of the United States as Uncles Sam.   Antique Vintage Posters allows most people to own artwork by some of the world’s greatest artists at affordable prices.   All posters prices are published and available on our website.

The Vintage Poster Gallery as a Museum.

Take a walk back in time with a visit to this unique antique poster shop located in ‘Laguna South Beach’.    After your visit walk across the street to the wide sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean, or pay a visit to the Surf ‘n Sand Resort and the beautiful Spashes Restaurant.      We are next door to the Selanne Steak Tavern owned by Teemu Selanne.    We are also just minutes away from the famous Montage Resort who will bring you and pick up you at our front door!

The Vintage Poster Shop and Framing Gallery:   Your personal invitation to view and purchase great antique poster art!

1492 South Coast Hwy #4    Laguna Beach, CA. 92651

Tel:  (800)  558 – 7552


Antique Poster Shop
The Vintage Poster in the Art Center; Laguna Beach, CA.




The Vintage Poster Gallery of Laguna Beach Custom Frame Shop

What you need to know when creating custom framing for original vintage posters.

  1.  Custom Framing can protect your valuable antique posters by using the correct UV filtering glass or plexiglas.

    The Custom Framing use of UV (ultraviolet) of the glass or plexiglass from sun bleaching damage help protect your artwork.   Most UV protection that is available for your artwork is between 98.5% and 99.5% UV protection.   (This can be for both UV-A and UV-B).   Note that ultraviolet rays don’t only come from the sun; but also some forms of fluorescent lights and possible other sources.    The proper selection of the UV filtering glazing is the single most important aspect in protecting your original vintage posters and other art.    It can be difficult to see the difference between the UV protection quality that is not to be confused with reflection control glass or plexiglass.    The Vintage Poster Gallery in Laguna Beach has a selection of every known quality of UV glass and plexiglas in both UV qualities and reflection control or museum anti reflective..

  2. Selecting your custom frame and frame shop.

    The custom framing for your original antique poster at The Vintage Poster Frame Shop compliments your design.    When designing a custom frame for your antique poster it is important to match the style of your framing to the antique poster and where it will hang.    An art nouveau frame on an art deco antique poster can destroy a custom frame creation.    A hand wrapped linen mat can make your artwork more alive; normally using a contrasting color pattern to the edge of the antique poster.   You can make a less expensive antique poster appear more valuable and more interesting when creating your custom framing using good framing designers who have experience in creating outstanding custom frame craftsmanship.   We will help you by showing and explaining the different available quality frames and custom framing mats.

  3. The Vintage Poster custom Frame Shop

    Acid free backing is automatically used on all custom vintage poster and artwork frames.   The correct wire strength or “D” hooks are automatically used appropriate for your antique poster custom frame.   Protective dust covers are applied on the back of your custom frame as well at the Certificate of Authenticity.     These additional custom framing details are always handled for you.    The different requirements between an antique vintage poster or an original oil painting are done to custom framing industry standards!    We handle all these details for you at NO additional charge.

You can experience why clients drive from San Diego, Los Angeles and the entire Orange County area to have their antique vintage posters turned into world class artwork.     You will be proud to ‘show off’ of your custom framed artwork.   The quality craftsmanship design of your custom frame is our reputation.


The Vintage Poster Gallery in Laguna Beach, California.
Wall of Frames

1492 South Coast Highway #4;  Laguna Beach, CA.   92651    Tel:  (949)-376-7422     Open Tuesday – Sunday

In the ART CENTER across the street from the Surf ‘n Sand Resort

Barnum & Bailey Rare 1900 Antique Vintage Poster

Barnum & Bailey Greatest Shown on Earth

Rare original American Vintage Circus Poster 29″ x 75.5″

This original 1900 stone lithograph antique circus poster is currently on display at The Vintage Poster Gallery in Laguna Beach.

THE BARNUM & BAILEY GREAT SHOW ON EARTH.  A few of the PRINCIPAL HIGH JUMPING and HIGH SCHOOL HORSES with the follow descriptions and images inside this antique poster:

  • “Joie” The Leaping Pony
    “Oxford” Champion High Jumper
    The “Record Breaker”
    High Jumping Horse and Poney – The Salute
    Horse and Rider “Skipping the Rope”
    The Great High School Horse EVERGREEN
    The “Hoochie Coochie”
    The Tandem Team
    Haute Ecole
    The World’s Largest, Grandest, Best, Amusement Institution.
    Printed by the Strobridge Litho Co.

This very rare original vintage circus poster will be a great addition to any antique poster collection.

For horse trainers, this would be even a more special vintage poster.

The American antique vintage circus posters were display across the country as The Greatest Show on Earth.

The Ringling brothers had purchased Barnum & Bailey Ltd. following Bailey’s death in 1906.  The two circuses merged together in 1919.

This is your opportunity to see, own, or know more about the great American Barnum & Bailey early original vintage circus posters.

The Vintage Poster Gallery of Laguna Beach, California., Your Ultimate Resource for Vintage Posters.    You can purchase here on line or directly in the Laguna Beach Gallery.

The Vintage Poster is located across the street from the Surf n Sand Resort in beautiful art district of Laguna Beach.



Food and the War! WW1 Vintage Poster

Food and the War!  American Wheat to Win!

U. S. Food Administration No. 22, original World War Rare Vintage Poster

“If food fails, we cannot hold out”

“Send food and we will win through”

Wheat is the Test!
Thus Far We Have Not Saved Enough
WHeat is the Test
Follow Directions

Food and the War!  American Wheat to Win!

This is a very rare and basically unseen U. S. Food Administration World War 1 original vintage poster.   The above is taken in part of the text from this U. S. Food Administration WW1 vintage poster.   A copy of this poster was send to the Library of Congress for inclusion in the American World War 1 vintage poster collection.

Food and the War!  American Wheat to Win!   The bottom of this WW1 vintage poster that provides the American public with directions on what to personally do in the home.

Cut the use of Wheat to the limit.  Households keep within an allowance of one and one-half pounds of wheat flour per week for each person.  Many home are using none at all.

Public eating places keep within an equal allowance for every 21 meals served.  Many hotels and restaurants are using no wheat at all.

Every purchase of flour to be accompanied by at least equal weight of other cereals.  Purchases to be limited in quantity.

Bakeries to be limited to 70 per cent of their previous consumption of wheat.

Beyond this — your country asks it — let all save more who can.



The newly created United States Food Administration, headed by Herbert Hoover during World War I, regulated the supply, distribution, and conservation of food during the war. It’s goal was to save enough to send surplus food to the Allies.

The World War 1 original vintage poster shows the difference in the U. S. food supply today and what was happening in the world during WW1.   Who, today, would sacrifice most basic needs for anyone?   If we forget, we may have to learn again!

Art is Unique, and so is this artist… Henri Toulouse-Lautrec Original Caudieux French Poster

Original 1890’s antique poster stone lithograph “CAUDIEUX”

This original Art is Unique, and so is this artist… Henri Toulouse-Lautrec vintage antique “Caudieux”  French poster is archival mounted on acid free archival linen backing.  Printer:  Imp. Chaix, Paris.   A well-loved cabaret French personality in Montmartre, Caudieux is remembered in this rare original vintage poster.

Caudieux was a large, floppy ball of a man, shown here with coat-tails billowing behind him as he exits, stage right. As the actor purses his lips in self-satisfaction after what we can imagine to be a fine performance, a hollow-cheeked audience member gawks curiously up from the orchestra pit. Feinblatt calls this “a study in dynamic motion and concentrated energy . . . and his bustling sweep across the boards is an unparalleled rendering of movement among Lautrec’s posters”

A well-loved cabaret personality in Montmartre, Caudieux was a large, floppy ball of a man, shown here with coattails billowing behind him as he exits, stage right. As the actor purses his lips in self-satisfaction after what we can imagine to be a fine performance, a hollow-cheeked audience member gawks curiously up from the orchestra pit. Feinblatt calls this “a study in dynamic motion and concentrated energy . . . and his bustling sweep across the boards is an unparalleled rendering of movement among Lautrec’s posters”.

The value of an antique vintage poster such as this one is based on its rarity of the surviving number of prints, the artist, and the desirability of the artwork.  This original French vintage poster was printed by CHAIX, the early stone lithographs created and printed by Jules Cheret who is known as the father of the modern poster.    This valuable vintage poster would have hung outside on the street walls of Paris, poster art for the public.      By the way perhaps this specific poster means that some of the over weight men today have a chance of becoming famous too!

This turn of the century antique French poster as well as a large selection of additional images can be seen and also purchased at The Vintage Poster Gallery website:

The Vintage Poster “Best Art Gallery in Orange County”

The Vintage Poster won this First Place Best Art Gallery award by the Orange County (OC) voters in years 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016.

TVP Front

The collection of these remarkable antique stone lithographic vintage posters are housed in the original Art Center at 1492 S. Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, California.   This is a fitting location because this is the first area where the initial art galleries were located in the 1930’s.

The rare antique vintage posters contain a number of the world’s most famous artists such as The Father of the Poster:  Jules Cheret; Art Nouveau master:  Alphonse Mucha;  The Master of Modern Advertising:  Leonetto Cappiello; art deco master:  A. M. Cassandre; concert poster master:   Rick Griffin; and pop artist:  Andy Warhol.    Numerous notable artist in the collection will also include Jean d’Ylen; Bernard Villemot; Bob Peak; Drew Struzan; Privat Livemont; James Montgomery Flagg; Gino Boccasile, and many more.

It is this collection of renowned vintage poster artists that sets this gallery apart from others.   The Vintage Poster Gallery is a antique vintage poster museum where you are actually able to see, select and own a piece of history.   This extensive assortment or original antique posters is why it was selected again as the Best Art Gallery in Orange County (CA.) for a 4th time.

The Vintage Poster Gallery is one of the largest antique poster galleries in the United States and the largest West Coast vintage poster gallery open 6 days (sometimes 7) a week to the public.   When you are not personally able to come and visit us in person please take a look at the extensive inventory shown on the website:

A big thank you to all the friends, clients, and voters who made The Vintage Poster Gallery #1 in Orange County FOUR times!


Orange County Beach Cities Posters



Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano Posters

The new Orange County California Beach Cities Posters are being released for Summer 2016 by the artist Bill Atkins.

The artist Bill Atkins has created the Beach Cities Posters but also the Laguna Beach Sister Cities Posters.

This group of first edition original Orange County Beach Cities Posters currently will feature the cities of  Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano, California. The original posters will be available as individual cities poster, but also as a poster that will feature these four beach cities as a single poster. The posters will be available at The Vintage Poster Gallery at 1492 S Coast Hwy in Laguna Beach.    You will also be able to order them on   All of the Orange Country California beach cities posters are printed on an acid free paper with archival ink.

Each year a new Laguna Beach original poster design is added to the collection of beach cities posters of Laguna Beach and Orange County, California.   This follows in the footsteps of the great French antique vintage travel posters that were created for beach destinations across Europe.    These Orange County Beach Cities Posters will be the highly collectible vintage posters in years to come.

Bill Atkins is also known as a contest winner in the California Coast Commission “Whale Tail” licence plate contest.  You will see this “Whale Tail” license plate on thousands of automobiles across the State of California.   You will also find bronze memorial plaques he has created along the beach.  The artist focuses on the natural beauty of the water and beaches you find here in Orange County, Southern California coastline.   This area is sometimes referred to at the Cote d’Azur of California, where the sandy beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world.