Roger Bezombes Biography

Bezombes has designed a monumental mural for the Paris Radio Symphonic Auditorium as well as tapestries woven at the Gobelin and Aubusson tapestry works.  In addition to illustrating books, the artist has written L'EXOTISME DANS L'ART ET LA PENSEE (Elsevier, pub.).  Bezombes' works of art have been exhibited throughout the world, including shows at the Musee de la Monnaie de Paris; Musee Rodin, Paris; Biennale des Arts Graphique, Brno, Czechoslovakia and Aberdeen and Leed.
Roger Bezombes (1913-1994) better known for his sculptures, paintings and other media created this new idea. Heavily influenced by surrealism and artist such as Braque he created images of gastronomy, desert islands, aviation, freedom, the orient, the planet. They were presented to Air France.
From 1974 the “Artistic” displays created for Air France was controlled by a “selection committee”, This committee frowned on these posters done by Bezombes as being “too modern” “too strange” and were generally not following the Air France direction/brand.