R. B. Kitaj Biography

Robert Brooks Kitaj (pronounced as "kee-tie") was born in Cleveland, Ohio on October 29, 1932
and died in Los Angeles, California on October 21, 2007.

A painter and writer of extraordinary imagination and force, R.B. Kitaj made a distinctive contribution to art and thought in his time. Innovative in both content and method, his work in each of his disciplines roused great admiration and furious controversy. Its freshness, directness and humanity – no less than its richness and complexity – will ensure it a lasting place in the study of the arts of the past half century, above all in England, where he lived for some 40 years.

Ronald Brooks Kitaj, painter and writer: born Cleveland, Ohio 29 October 1932; RA 1991; married 1953 Elsi Roessler (died 1969; one son, one daughter), 1983 Sandra Fisher (died 1994; one son); died Los Angeles 21 October 2007.