Percy Trompf Biography

Trompf, Percy, 1902-1964
Australian | Male

Birth Date  30 May 1902
Birth Place:  Beaufort, Victoria, Australia [View location at]
Summary:  Artist (commercial) | Artist | Designer | Worked: Australia (VIC). Poster

Designer, did many colour lithographic posters, e.g. Still Building Australia: Constructing the World's Longest Single-Arch Bridge, Sydney Harbour 1930 (National Archives), Australia [Beach Scene] c.1930 (National Archives), Get Out to Australia for the Test Matches: Sept. 1932- Mar. 1933 1932 (National Archives), St Paul's, Melbourne, Australia. Victorian & Melbourne Centenary, 1934-35 1934 (National Archives), World's Greatest Air Race for Macrobertson Trophy, England to Australia. Victorian & Melbourne Centenary, 1934-35 (National Archives) 1934, Australia: The Tallest Trees in the British Empire-Marysville, Victoria (NLA) c.1930s, Australia. Adelaide, South Australia-A City in a Garden c.1930s (NGA), Kangaroo Paws: Western Australian Wildflowers, Australia 1930s (NGA) and Tropical North Queensland, Australia c.1930s (NGA) for the Australian National Travel Association [ANTA]; Winter Tours to Central Australia (NGA) 1930s for Australian Railways; The Marine Wonders of the Great Barrier Coral Reef (NLA) and North Queensland Calls You to a Winter Holiday in the Tropics (NLA) 1933, Off to the North for Warmth (NGA) 1938, Visit Colourful Queensland (NLA) and A Winter Holiday in the Sun! Brisbane, River City of the North (NLA) c.1950s for Queensland Government Tourist Bureau; Queenscliff & Point Lonsdale: Freedom in the Sun & Surf (NGA) c.1930s for the Victoria Railways Commissioner in conjunction with the Borough of Queensliff (poster no. 84) and The Seaside Calls, "Take a Kodak" c.1930s (NGA) for Victorian Railways (poster no. 99); Western Australia c.1940s (NLA) for WA Govt Tourist Bureau with ANTA; Canberra c.1930 (NGA) and Parliament House, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory c.1930s (NLA).