Leroy Nieman Biography

When you think of LeRoy Neiman, many things can come to mind.  He had a humble beginning in St. Paul, Minnesota. When his  father left the family, his “spirited” mother remarried twice, and LeRoy eventually took the surname of his stepfather. His childhood probably added a lot of the spunk he has shown in both his works and in his lifestyle. He started drawing in school, creating posters and drawings, and even competed in art competitions. LeRoy loves to encourage youth in their paths to creativity. I have observed him being very kind to a young artist once, offering him tips to add to his art education and techniques. The youth was so excited that LeRoy had taken time to comment on his work.

Neiman enlisted in the Army during World War II, where he served his time as a cook for the troops. While enlisted, he helped create murals and drawings. Perhaps his experience as a cook increased his repertoire of subject matter. He has done many works that feature people eating, chefs preparing food, restaurants, bars, and cafes.  Many of the originals he has drawn on actual menus of the restaurant he visited.