Jules Abel Faivre Biography

Abel Faivre: "Born in Lyons, 1867, died in Paris, 1945. Faivre is perhaps best remembered today for his posters, especially the stirring "on les aura" done during the First World War, but he was also a busy cartoonist, contributing from 1895 on to Le Rire, Le Journal, Le Figaro and L'echo de Paris. As a painter (he executed church murals in Saint-Maixent in western France) he was noted for his renderings of pink-cheeked girls and babies, whereas his humorous drawings are on the grotesque side."
(Source: Appelbaum, Stanley. "French satirical drawings from "L'Assiette au beurre": selection, translations, and text" Courrier Dover Publications, 1978, p. ix.