Juan Reus Biography

Juan Reus Parra was born in 1912 in Valencia, where he became a well-known painter, draftsman and graphic designer of bullfighting posters. Orphaned at birth, he went to school till he was seven years old, then started working as an apprentice in a hardware store, where he met the painter Constantino Gómez who aroused his artistic vocation. Still a youth, he entered a silvercraft workshop where he was recommended because of his draftsmanship to the painter Ruano Llópis, who became his first art teacher. Later, he went to work in the decorative fans shop of Balbino Giner and also held his first exhibition in the bazaars of Prats and Collado in Valencia. In the forties, he was hired as a designer of bullfighting posters in the lithographic workshop Ortega where he met Roberto Domingo, who became his teacher and model. A brilliant example of the characteristic work of perhaps the most renowned bullfight artist, Juan Reus Parra.