Jon Whitcomb Biography

Gained long-lived popularity for capturing couples in love for Community Plate Silver and covers for Cosmopolitan. Also had his own Cosmo column, "On Location with Jon Whitcomb," which he took over from Bradshaw Crandell. WWII service, first as a Lt. on a mine sweeper, then as a war artist (invasions of Tinian, Saipan, Peleliu). A skilled draftsman, he could capture cars and aircraft as well as a pretty face. Other story and cover work for slicks as diverse as Good Housekeeping, Collier's, McCall's, and Playboy. Other writing included short stories, children's books about poodles (Coco and Pom Pom's Christmas) and a book for glamour, All About Girls.

Even the signature was to gag on, with the two little red balls over the lower case j and i. But the guy could paint and I often tried and failed to get those slick flesh tones with Winsor Newton Designer Colors. He had a touch.

Movie posters include:  Sleeping Beauty (Walt Disney); Gun Crazy, The Glass Slipper; Madame, One Hundred and one Dalmations, WWII posters, Colliers, TV Guide, pinups, and more.