John Alvin Biography

John's life was cut tragically short on February 6th 2008, when he died unexpectedly of a heart attack, stunning the art world and saddening his many fans, friends, and colleagues.

John Alvin's movie poster art is among the most iconic of the last 40 years

Alvin’s career began in 1974 with his creation of the iconic movie poster for Mel Brook’s “Blazing Saddles”.  This campaign led to Alvin creating the images for numerous other Brook's films including "Young Frankenstein". His prominence in this medium was soon after established with his creation of the movie posters for Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner,” Steven Spielberg’s “E.T.-The Extra-Terrestrial” and Blake Edward’s “Victor/Victoria.”

Alvin created the posters for over 135 movies in a 35 year career. He is considered to be an innovator in this genre.