Jacques Auriac Biography

In 1937 , he visited the Paris Exposition where the "Pavilion of advertising" triggers his vocation. He studied at the École des beaux-arts de Bourges ( one thousand nine hundred and forty - 1 941 ) and then to the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris ( 1941 - 1943 ). He exhibited at the Salon of imaging in 1946 and at the Salon of the Society of Decorative Artists in 1948 . He then meets the printer-publisher posters of Guy Vasselais with whom he collaborated. Jacques Auriac became President of the National Union and teaches graphic poster art in the Graduate School of Graphic Arts (FASE) from 1981 to 1995 . In 1997 he moved to Saint-Jean-le-Thomas in the English Channel . Poster exceptional Jacques Auriac is also a renowned painter. Between reality and dream, he can bring out the color with a great talent. In the seventies Jacques Auriac began painting during the summer at his home in Saint-Jean-le-Thomas, first chalks and pastels and oils. While pursuing his activity poster including a series of posters for the Regional Council of La Mancha, Jacques Auriac will continue painting inspired by marine themes, still lifes, landscapes bouquets and set its values ??range high color. In his honor, an exhibition of fifty works, oils, chalks, pastels and gouaches was presented to the public in October 2011 in Saint-Jean-le-Thomas in the Hall of Arts named "Espace Jacques Auriac."