Haskell Coffin Biography

Haskell Coffin designed many portrait covers for Ladies' magazines, mainly recreating the image of his beautiful wife. For the war effort, he only created 4 or 5 propanda/ morale posters, but they are so loved by collectors, that his name is well-known.

Artist Haskel Coffin (1878-1941). Coffin was a versatile illustrator, gracing covers for several magazines, Redbook, The American, as well as two long-term stints at The Saturday Evening Post. His illustrations were famous as a portrayer of American beauty and the so-called "Coffin girl" could be found on note cards, sheet music, calendars, decorative boxes, fashion catalogs. However, Coffin is best known for his “Joan of Arc” poster that was created at the behest of the U.S. Treasury Department during WWI.

He apparently committed suicide by leaping from his third-floor hospital room on May 12th, 1941 (the anniversary of his divorce.) at the age of 63.  It was an ugly ending for someone who brought so much beauty into the world.