Gordon Grant Biography

Gordon Hope Grant, marine painter, illustrator, author and printmaker, was born June 7, 1875 in San Francisco California. Grant was sent to school in Scotland as a youth "to maintain ancestral ties." The voyage of four-and-a-half months from San Francisco around the southern tip of South America, "the Horn," in a full-rigged Glasgow sailing vessel left a tremendous impression on the young Grant and started a lasting fascination with the sea and sailing ships. After studying in London's Heatherley and Lambeth schools, Grant returned to San Francisco to work as a artist/reporter for both the SF Chronicle and the Examiner. The artist covered both the Boer War and the Mexican Revolution, his images of these events were published in Harper's Weekly. Grant was most famous for his maritime drawings and paintings. Grant received many awards from the American Watercolor Society, and also at the Paris Exposition of 1937. His drawings and paintings have been purchased by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Library of Congress, and the New York Public Library. Grant died in 1962.