Gerrit A. Beneker Biography

The following is submitted by Katrina Beneker, granddaughter of the artist, August 2003.

In 1905, Gerrit Beneker began his art career as an illustrator. He married Flora Judd, his high school sweetheart from Grand Rapids and they moved to Brooklyn, NY. Gerrit Albertus Beneker
Gerrit's early passion was to create an art that would inspire and provide honor to the workingman. As such, he had no interest in painting portraits of pretty women, which were so often seen on the magazine covers of the day.

Studied at AIC, Art Students League  and under Charles Hawthorne. Member Beachcomber's, PAAM,, exhibited; AIC, PAFA, Corcoran Gallery, Detroit Inst. of Art, countless shows, awards, well listed in Who's Who, Davenport's, AskArt.

Often Known For:  industry, figure, portrait, illustrator

Birth  1882 (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
Death 1934 (Truro, Massachusetts)

Lived/Active  Massachusetts