Georges Ripart Biography

Georges Ripart was a student of M. Le Rat in Paris. As an accomplished artist, Georges Ripart was admitted to the Societaire des Artistes Francais shortly after 1909. On the same date, he received an honourable mention for his work from that society. Ripart made his artistic reputation on both large lithographic compositions, such as this original example of Bieres Laubenheimer (Laubenheimer Beer) and on his aquatints and watercolours.
The Art Nouveau movement reached its highest form of artistic expression in the large, lithographic posters of Lautrec, Mucha, Cheret, Steinlen, Grasset, Rhead, Bradley, Georges Ripart and others. The Lithograph printed in colours allowed these masters of the turn-of-the-century era to express themselves in broad lines and graceful applications of colours. Their art forever changed our way of seeing.
A poster designer who must have loved beer. Ripart created several beer posters listed below between 1886 - 1930

Original poster designs include:
Le Chapeau de la Femme à la Chase
La fiesta de San Cloud
Bières Lauberheimer   c. 1925
Le Pole Nord, ouvert de 8h du matin à minuit,  c. 1886
La fiesta de St.Cloud, 1786
Bière de Basse-Yutz
Engrais Kuhlmann
Bière de Lachapelle
Bières Einville
Bière de Sochaux