Franz Lenhart Biography

Franz J. Lenhart (1898-1992) originated from Kufstein, studied in Vienna and Florence and in 1922 settled in Meran as a young graphic designer. Just two years later he achieved a breakthrough with his poster for Enit, the Italian national tourism agency: his "Visitate le Dolomiti" soon appeared all over Italy.

By 1930 at the latest Lenhart had discovered his own style: in the background mountains were usually visible, while in the foreground appeared dynamic skiers or elegant women radiating strongly erotic tones. Lenhart's posters showed South Tyrol not as the land of Andreas Hofer, but as a sophisticated leisure paradise. Lenhart originals soon became sought-after rarities.

Vintage Posters created include:

Dolomites - 1937  Merano - 1934  Cortina - 1934  Aquilgia - c. 1930
Modiano - c1935  Chasse au lion dans l'oasis de Bima
Badgastein - c1935  Siusi allo Sciliar - 1950
Sommer in den Dolomiten - 1938  Merano - Dolomiti - Gardone - Venezia -c1936
Grand Hôtel Carezza al Lago - c1950  Winter Sport in Intalien - 1934
Madonna - c1950  Cortina, E le sue piste di Dicesa in sci -c1935
Les sports d'hiver en Italie - c1930   Cortina, All Winter Joys - c1955
Tyrol, Wagner' Sche Univ., Buchdruckerei Innsbruck
Cortina, Nel cuore delle Dolomiti - c1930   Mathias Hutter, Deposito Borsalino
Modiano, Cartine e Tubetti per Sigarette - c 1936   Modiano, Carte da Gioco di Fama Mondiale - 1935
Cortina, Ski, Hockey - c1920