Frank McIntosh Biography

sometimes refered to as Frank Mcintosh

born in Portland, Oregon on July 17, 1901. After graduating from the California School of Fine Arts, McIntosh had a studio in San Francisco 1923-24. He produced much of the Matson Line's advertising art. He then continued his studies in New York City and Paris.

He designed many striking and colorful covers for Asia magazine which show the influence of the prevailing Art Deco style.  In the 1920’s and 1930’s McIntosh painted many covers for the magazine Asia which was an American magazine published during the first half of the 20th century. It featured reporting about Asia and its people, culture, business, politics and included many travel photos. He moved from triumph to triumph on the basis of his affinity for primitive glamour and surreal images.

He produced much of the Matson Line's advertising art.   The Matson Line is synonymous with the development of Hawaii as a tourist destination, beginning in 1882. The enterprising company began carrying supplies to the islands from San Francisco, and expanded to luxury cruise ships and top hotels on the island.   A 1939 luggage sticker and ticket envelope designed for the Matson Line were followed by six menu covers which were widely collected and used for interior design at the time, and continue to be so.  

McIntosh’s Hawaii travel posters featured vividly stylised and lush images of native beauties amidst natural splendour and was a powerful attraction for Americans weary of cold winters.  These posters make for tasteful tropical, South Pacific, Polynesian and Hawaiian-themed room decorations. This surfing image appears to date from the early Fifties, as Matson’s new liners and hotels led a major post-war expansion.