Clyde Forsythe Biography

(1885-1962) – Forsythe,
first known for his illustrations and comic drawings,
began easel painting around 1920. By 1922, he
was living in Alhambra, first on S. Wilson Ave.
(now Atlantic Blvd.), then two years later, on North
Almansor Street, which was close to what became
“Artists’ Alley.” About 1935, he moved some two
miles northeast, into adjacent San Marino, first on
St. Alban’s Rd., then on Ramiro Rd.  Forsythe
introduced an unknown artist named Norman
Rockwell to Saturday Evening Post and was a close
friend of Frank Tenney Johnson, with whom he
shared a studio and established the Biltmore Art
Gallery in Los Angeles. Forsythe immersed himself
in the lore of the West and often lived in ghost
towns while on painting forays.