Charles Gesmar Biography

Charles Ges(i)mar, simply known as Gesmar, was one of the greatest designers of costumes and posters during the golden age of the Paris music hall during the Jazz Age and was primarily renowned for his work for the great Parisian star Mistinguett. Although his tenure was short, his output was prolific and his creativity and talent unrivalled.

Despite his unique relationship with Mistinguett, Gesmar created costumes and poster designs for most of the stars of the Paris Music hall including Barbette, Maurice Chevalier, Dolly Sisters, Gilda Gray, Earl Leslie, Jane Marnac and Mitty and Tillio, to name but a few.

Gesmar allegedly died of pneumonia in February 1928, before his 28th birthday. During his short career, Gesmar had been amazingly productive and created over 12,000 costumes and about 200 illustrations and graphic works of 60 posters. His unique style captures the spark of the Jazz Age perfectly.