C. Coles Phillips Biography

C. Coles Phillips was born in 1880 in Springfield, Ohio.
His drawings appear in the 1901-1904 issues of The Reveille.
in 1907 he decided it was time to take Mitchell up on his offer. Blustering his way into a meeting, he presented Mitchell with his one image, carefully crafted to match the Life style. It was the image above of beauty raising a glass to age. It got him the job. At the age of 26, Coles Phillips had arrived and the association with the magazine would endure throughout his life.
ust as there was a "Gibson Girl" of the turn of the century, there was a "Phillips Girl" in the teens and twenties. She showed a lot more skin than her older sister, but she still had a wholesome look to her. Her images were collected in 1911 from the pages of Life and Good Housekeeping into A Gallery Of Girls by Coles Phillips.
His women may have been sexy, but they didn't know you were looking.