Bradshaw Crandall Biography

Bradshaw Crandell was one of the first and easily the most recognizable artist to portray the essence of Hollywood glamour. Beginning with his first cover for Judge in 1921, he embarked upon a career that would ultimately make him one of the most influential men in the motion picture industry. The list of stars that eagerly sat for Crandell is like reading a who's who list of movie greats from the 1920's to the 1950's. In this highly competitive and specialized field of illustration art, he alone captured the elements of beauty, and the feeling of life.

He was born John Bradshaw Crandell, June 14, 1896 in Glen Falls, New York.

Magazines like Colliers; Saturday Evening Post; Century, and others were the forms of entertainment. They were as recognizable and accessible as the nightly news on television is today.  The person who delivered this product was as important as the product itself.

Crandell's depictions of beautiful women were the staple for Palmolive skin soap advertising campaigns during the early 1930's. However, it was his Cosmopolitan magazine covers that made Bradshaw Crandell a household name.  

Crandall was one of the most famous "pretty girl artists" of his day. The astonishingly beautiful blonde is typical of Crandell's ability to merge romance, glamour and sex appeal.